Finally I’ve worked up enough courage to start writing again. One reason is because Mum says I should start writing again. Two, I’m just a deep girl who thinks a lot and has stuff that I have to talk about, plus if I don’t, who will? This is gonna be a bumpy ride but we have to do it. Also, some of you guys have been missing me like crazy (I can’t blame you) Moreover, atleast when I die you’ll have sth to read(on a lighter note)

It’s been 2 years since I took a break. Tbh, why I stopped blogging was due to the fact that I was tired of sharing. My life. Tired of investing in myself coz I didn’t see the point anymore. I just wanted to live life and living didn’t I!

Wow, I’ve learnt so much in the past two years. Gained and lost, but I came back to my first love, writing. I quit Facebook. I quit YouTube (will talk more about this in the next posts) Now I only have my Instagram where I share memes. That’s what I’ve become, your meme plug. Does Whatsapp count as social media? That I can’t quit coz of school plus it’s very convenient coz I hate phonecalls. I’ve said too much on my first post. Gotta sign off now, though stay tuned you’re in for a rough emotional roller-coaster in the posts to come.

With love, Hope.

One thought on “WHY I CAME BACK

  1. Welcome Back Miss Hopeshi…Glad you listened to your mom and most importantly found your inner voice. We are social creatures,we stop Living when we halt sharing.

    Fingers crossed for your up coming post

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