A summary of my life in school

As you know, I’m obsessed with YouTube. ( If you didn’t know, now you know). My favorite kind of videos are vlogs and different kind of tags, you know, the kind of content you can binge watch. If I was to do “A Day in My Life at Uni” it would probably be sth like this.

On a typical weekday, let’s take Wednesday, I wake up at 5.30am. I bathe, dress, do my meditation. Finish any pending assignments.

Then I take breakfast, which is normally cereal or brown bread with green tea(when I feel like some healthy living)

About 7.30am, I make my way to school. The weird part is that school isn’t that far away from where I stay, it’s just that there’s an establishment built between the two, so you have to go around it (beats logic to me but anyway, it’s good morning exercise, lol)

In class, I say hi to a few people, if I remember (normally my mind is preoccupied by the day’s events, what I’ll eat for lunch, etc) Lectures begin at 8.00am. We usually have two lectures in the morning.

At 10.0am we go for our clinical sessions depending on which clinic your group has. Then lunch. In the afternoon there’s another clinical session upto 5.00pm. On Wednesdays my group has Conservative dentistry (mostly involves fillings and root canal) and in the afternoon we have Orthodontics (sounds familiar?)

Wednesdays and Fridays are the days I feel the most tired. Luckily I have my group mates who crack jokes a few times so it’s really not that bad. Shout out to group Q!

At 5 I go back to my room and relax then I try to make most of my evening. I’d be lying if I said I follow a timetable coz that shit never works for me😂. Send help.

That’s about it. A day in my life, talk to you soon ❤️