Listening;Naija mix 2019 on SoundCloud. Me, trying to embrace African music as much as I can this year. Also have you listened to this song yet? https://youtu.be/Ftu_XpG4XeQ #Kenyagottalent

Eating: vanilla yogurt, does that also count as drinking?

Watching; days go so fast. I blame it on being so busy with school.

Dancing to; Matt Stefannina’s video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnKXgHZ1I0c

Wanting; to dance more this month. Dance my stress away since finals are around the corner.

Not wanting; to compare myself to other people so much but appreciating that everyone’s journey is different.

Embracing; my boldness this year to start blogging and vlogging again. Check out my YouTube video here https://youtu.be/v5Gc_-JAeu8

Reading; Essentials of Oral Pathology, I have a CAT soon.

Working on; my project in school. Got a research project to do towards this degree.

If you told me last year that a time like now this year I’d have this much going on in my life, I’d probably not have believed you. I’ve realized that what I’ve been through has made me who I am. So cheers to winning and more winning👏