Today I am grateful for food, a roof over my head, the clothes that I’m wearing.
My mum, my dad, my sister, my best friend, my childhood classmates, my supervisors. school. I’m grateful for being a Kenyan.
I’m also grateful for good health,my body, a great ass memory. I’m happy that I can dance, stretch my arms, sing in the shower.
my cooking skills, my writing skills, my photography skills.

I am grateful for my role models, people I admire their work, their journey. I am mostly in awe of these people because of how brave they are to share their journey.
I am grateful for people who talk about me when I’m not there, whether good or bad. I’m grateful for the people who admire me.
I’m grateful for my handwriting that’s versatile af, and I can write neatly or like a doctor.
I’m grateful for my dreams.
my bucket list, even if it’s just in my mind but I’ve never actually wrote it down.
I am grateful for those mornings that I never wanted to wake up but woke up anyway, showered, dressed up and showed up.
I am grateful for my ex, for my future husband, wherever he is, and my future children, (won’t they be gorgeous)
I am grateful for movies that make me cry.

I am grateful for the children that I’ve rubbed shoulders with man don’t they make me smile.

Mostly I’m grateful for this journey we call life and where God is taking me. Today I choose to be grateful.