LITTLE(the movie)

You guys, I went out. I took myself out for a movie. Is that wierd? Do people actually do that or are you already feeling sorry for me?

So after stalking Marsai Martin on the gram long enough and seen that she was the brain behind the movie, Little, I decided to go watch it. That’s why I was watching the movie alone, coz I’m random like that and sometimes you just have to do sth alone (also inviting people last minute is so me, but this time I restrained myself😂) Plus I didn’t want distractions. Are those enough excuses as to why I went to the movies by myself? No? Judge me then. I don’t care

Sooo after 30min of adverts the movie finally started. Oh man, Issa Rae. First of all if you haven’t watched the movie, big spoiler alert! Issa also known as April is the assistant to 38yr old Jordan(Regina Hall) and she takes over her boss’s duties once Jordan is transformed back into a 13yr old her, to teach her a lesson. Jordan has to do things differently this time, while in highschool, in order to stop being so proud and rude to her employees. The choice of music for this movie was A1. And let’s talk about Homegirl! A virtual home assistant that’s responsible for setting different moods for Jordan. Please, when are you bringing her to Kenya? I need such it in my life.

I keep telling my sister that she should go watch this movie because it’s for all the boss minded ladies out there. Actually it’s for everyone. Both men and women but please its pg16 (do people still follow that?) Be challenged by LITTLE. Go watch the movie!