One man’s celebrity is a nobody to another man (#facts)There’s a day I wore a Calvins Klein tank top(thrifted of course) to school and a classmate of mine asked whether Calvin was my boyfriend or my brother. I was shook. Wow just wow! Made me realize that ignorance is bliss. Personally, I didn’t judge him because I’ve learned, overtime, not to judge people who don’t know people that I love and adore or people I consider as celebrities. Case in point, I was having coffee with , let’s name my friend A. So, we were in one of those malls that I love going to, then a celebrity (at least I thought she was) happened to pass by and damn I lost my mind. You know those people you admire their journey so much and it would be a dream come true to meet them, yeah she was one of those.”Omg! That’s Beauty”, I exclaim to A. (Beauty; the name we’re giving to my celebrity crush).I follow with, “Should I go say hi?”A all this time is perplexed, trying to figure out who she was. Apparently, he doesn’t know her. (Gosh! can he be more rude 😄) I spent some time trying to explain to him who she was (instead of chasing after her and taking a selfie), which is what I really wanted.
You know what, next time I’m in such a situation I won’t even bother explaining to the person I’m with. I’ll just do me, if saying hi to the “celeb” makes me happy I’ll do it. Unapologetically. This situation made me realize that somebody may mean the world to you, but is nobody to someone else.Like can you imagine, someone somewhere does not know Beyonce or Cristiano Ronaldo, breaks my heart. 😥Love the ones you love and be unapologetic about it, sending love your way ❤️