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Why do men feel the need to touch or hold you inappropriately? In the past 2 days, I’ve had 3 men touch/grab me inappropriately. Before you start zile za “ulikuwa umevaa nini”, I’ll let you know that in all the instances I was fully dressed but that wouldn’t stop them. Sometimes I am so disgusted with men. Like who gave you the audacity to touch me. YUCK! Labbish!

The worst part about these kind of scenarios where men mishandle you physically is that, you can’t do anything about it, because who are you going to report to? the police? your parents? what will be done when all you have is your statement?
Ever wished you could just get a gun and go around shooting niggers hands, so that they don’t do this to other women!

So you just sit there after the incident and wonder why God allows some people to live.

nigger#1 fondled my thighs
nigger #2 squeezed my abdomen
nigger #3 grabbed my right arm, squeezed it so tightly it hurt to the bone

The third one made angry the most. If you do this to women Shame shame shame on you!!!

Soon I’ll be kicking people’s balls, so kindly men, keep your hands to yourself, thank you!