I’m done with Nairobi night life…

About an year ago I started going out.

Actually it reached a point where I was asking myself kwani what did I use to do before I started going out. I can blame it on school, wanting to blow off some steam from the pressure there. But that would just be looking for a scapegoat!

Probably there is a void I was trying to fill. I don’t know. At some point I actually thought that I would turn into an alcoholic because I felt that I craved for alcohol to calm my nerves. Cocktails were my best friend. Weh, tough times!

Anyway, I’m better now. I can go through a weekend without going out or feeling bad. No lie, FOMO(Fear of missing out) is still there but God’s got us. I feel more focused on my life goals and passions such as writing, photography and cooking. Not to say that I can’t go out anymore, a girl loves to have fun and if there’s sth worth a night out like some sort of celebration, count me in!

Hope you find sth worth staying indoors for coz imagine si must!

Light and love šŸ’›