“Hizo makucha hazikukai,” said the salonist.
I don’t blame her, she’s just looking for a customer and damn isn’t she good at it.

Initially, I went to the salon to have my hair curled,(those days when I used to go to the salons in town).

I don’t know how I ended up on a bed, in a small room, with a face steamer placed next to me. A showercap protecting my newly styled hair. A small basket with a skin toner, facemask and exfoliating cream on a table next to me.

I lay there and the salonist proceeded to steam my face. Then she used something sharp to scrap off the dead skin from my face. I swear at some point I could feel her try to remove the lentigo spots on my face(which are permanent btw) then on seeing they’re not coming out, she let them be. So as you can guess the whole experience was mad painful. Then she went ahead to clean the debri with a soaked cotton pad. I’m guessing it was soaked with a toner if not water, for a placebo effect. Suddenly, I felt a cold sensation on my forehead, then my cheeks then chin. Facemask time. She instructed me not to make any facial expressions or else I make my face to be all wrinkled and stuck that way for a while. So I tried my best to maintain a bitch face. She left the room. The mask dried. I could feel the tightness on my skin.

After a few minutes, she enters and peels off the mask very slowly. More pain. (I swear it’s more painful when sb else removes a face mask from your face vs when you remove it yourself) She goes ahead and moisturizes my face then she instructs me not to apply anything to my face until the next day. She’s sure to tell me to come back soon for her to do my nails.

I’ve never been to another facial from that day. Let’s wait I get money and see if I will be back and maybe we’ll have a sequel of this.

Sending love and light your way, Happy week💛