Disclaimer; (Experiences borrowed from real life people)

In life, adulting comes with disappointments. At least when we were young the only disappointment we got was when your parent(s) didn’t buy you something that you wanted. Adult disappointments are on a whole other different level. Their own level.

Whether it’s your crush who says they don’t like you back. or your mcm failing to notice your comments on his Instagram page.
or your crush snubbing your DMs
or your friend running late for a coffee date.

or a friend who promises to hangout more but when you suggest a Meetup they “put a pin on it” but never get back to you.
or it’s your cousin who says, “we should plan cousin hangouts”, but fails to show up on the D day.
or your childhood friend snubbing your WhatsApp text.

or the guy you met at the party and he told you to add him on Facebook because he didn’t have his phone but he has never accepted your friend request, till now. or the girl you had a crush on for the longest time but didn’t turn out to be as cool as you thought.
or your brother who refused with the remote to the TV because he wanted to watch a football match and you wanted to watch your favorite comedy.
or your sister who promised to take you for a trip but you’re still waiting, and everytime you bring it up she says, ” I still remember, wacha pesa ikuje”
some bs, huh?

or the coffee shop that made your lemonade with lemons that were cut using the same knife that had cut onions earlier, and they never cleaned it so your lemonade tastes like onions. Onionade.

or the clothes that you bought, some didn’t fit you as you imagined they would, bummer!

or that 6 pack didn’t appear the same night that you spent the whole day in the gym! Disappointing, right?

or a guy you finally liked and he swears he likes you back, starts acting shady and a little distant.

or you’ve gained a bit of weight and you’re disappointed because you were on a fitness journey.

or it could be the social media influencer/athlete/actor(or whatever you’re into) who you admire, snubbed you in real life (can’t relate 😁)

or maybe it’s your daughter/son who didn’t turn out as “smart” as you wished.

or your dog peed on your brand new carpet!

or your exam results that came out and you’re just like” I really thought I’d pass this one” but you’re one point below the pass mark.

Ugh, disappointments really do suck but you know what? it’s part of life.

I’ll leave you with this, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Sending light and love your way. Happy new week and may all your heart desires come true 🙌🏼

2 thoughts on “DISAPPOINTMENT (S)

  1. At some point you were my travelling buddy.
    Let’s skip the BS and get back on it, no?👌💛
    I love what you’re doing in this space!❤


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